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Real estate and property acquisition in Lagos today seems to be an arduous and expensive task. As a result, potential home owners are keen to ensure they derive high value when acquiring a desired property. The average family desires ample floor space and the housing type referred to as maisonette is a common choice among home owners.

Developers in the industry today have remodeled and restructured what is commonly referred to as a duplex. The word maisonette is a diminutive of the French word, maision (meaning house) and are apartments occupying two floors in a larger building with a separate entrance. In order to satisfy the demands of aspiring homeowners and provide what is commonly sought after, developers and builders are working towards providing variety. Due to the rising costs of land and associated development costs, developers have embraced constructing multiple dwelling units on a piece of land and maisonettes remain one of the most prevalent housing types developed in Nigeria.

At Imperial Homes Mortgage Bank Limited, we support, finance and empower developers and builders to ensure they are able to produce desirable and affordable houses. While most developers and builders stick to their personal signature designs, our mortgage supervision unit works along with them from the design phase to the construction phase to ensure that these houses are affordable without comprising the quality of materials and finishes.

To further assist our customers on home acquisition, Imperial Homes has created various savings and mortgage products specifically designed to help the average individual save towards their equity, thus being eligible for a mortgage on upcoming developments and projects of various housing types across the city of Lagos.

At Imperial Homes, we support the creation of housing and also support consumers in acquiring these properties.