Real Estate Investor Network (REIN) commences membership registration

3Invest one of Africa’s emerging Real Estate Investment Company, has developed a revolutionary model called Real Estate Investor Network (REIN), a platform that allows its members to close the funding gap in quality real estate transactions by successfully accessing funding and allowing them to diversify their investment portfolios through investing in income-producing commercial real estate yielding competitive returns.

REIN is a nexus of Real Estate investors with the mission to kick-start real estate investment; grow the portfolio and find real estate deals to create valuable and sustainable wealth. 3Invest’s role is to perform an investment due diligence on project offerings, connect and collaborate investors and sponsors while leaving the investment decision solely on the investor.

The REIN model is established on the fundamentals of crowd-funding, which is essentially a collective effort of individuals who network and pool their money, usually via the Internet, to support efforts initiated by other people or organizations. REIN is in pursuance of 3Invest’s brand promise of working with stakeholders to ensure that Nigeria’s Real Estate creates more wealth, increases employment and meets the real estate requirements of millions of private and corporate citizens. When fully operational, REIN will contribute significantly to the execution of additional projects by coordinating investors’ funds in the network in order to develop and operate income-producing Real Estate assets for the benefit of all members of “The Network”.

The REIN takes the strength of this concept and applies it to simplify how Income Earners, Business owners and Entrepreneurs can invest in real estate today; enabling 3Invest and its partners play an evolutionary role in pioneering this in Nigeria. It enables investors to fund real estate deals and in return they can gain an equity interest in that investment. The platform is open to registered 3Invest member clients to build their network, but can also be subscribed to through 3Investors Loyalty program. The Real Estate Investor Network quarterly forums would be held at Lagos, Houston, London and Dubai.

To register, simply click and for more information or enquiries, send a mail to

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