Finally, here is an easy way for your child to study at Harvard


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Ese is a brilliant 15-year old girl. She is the best student in her class. Her wildest dream is to study law in one of the world’s best law schools, Harvard University, after her college education in Lagos, Nigeria. “I don’t think my dream of studying in Harvard will be possible, considering the fact that my brother Charles’ student visa application was not honored” thought Ese.


While in school, Ese saw an advert by 3invest, a real estate Company in Lagos. The advert was about how you can become an American citizen through real estate investment. In her inquisitiveness, Ese asked her teacher who further explained to her about the Houston EB5 program. This raised Ese’s hopes as she ran home to tell her dad about the Eb5 Program.

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Houston Eb5 is an Investment Program administered by the U.S. government. Offering foreign investors the opportunity to become a US citizen by investing in the Program.

The offer includes:

  • Complete capitalization of the investment project of choice,
  • Fast track permanent and legal residency in the U.S for investors and their immediate family  and;
  • Share in the profit of the project.

The minimum investment is $500,000. with repayment within 3-5 years at 4% interest rate. Funds will serve as an additional equity capital to the partnership and the hard construction costs.

To cut the story short. Ese’s father invested in Houston EB5, and today – Ese and her entire family has an American passport. She is currently studying law at Harvard University, Boston. Charles her brother is also doing his second degree at Harvard University. This opportunity was offered by investing in Houston EB5 program.


3Invest is the African correspondent partner to Houston EB5; to raise capital for various projects under the scheme.

Projects such as Astoria, Block 384 , Marlowe , and Arabella have all been fully funded through this program. Currently, investment opportunity has opened up for District Lofts, Sugarland and Thompson Hotel and Residences San Antonio in the region. Houston EB5 is a Real Estate investment company offering potential investors, the opportunity of investing in Real Estate developments in Houston Texas.

3INVEST is an organization with a collective goal to develop ideas designed to change the way investors approach real estate in the future. This provides a foundation for our core brand values – “Live well, Work right, Invest wisely

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Fictional marketing story was written by 3invest sales team.