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CBRE Method Studio, Uttah


Google HQ, California

In modern times, there has been a shift in trend from the traditional office spaces to more friendly and relaxing environments, in a bid to reduce work tension, enhance creativity and boost productivity (see An Ideal workspace). One of the best examples of this can be seen in the new Google headquarters in Mountain View, California.

google 2

Google HQ, California


Google HQ, California

It was this type of thinking that inspired OANDO to come up with what we now know as the Wings towers.

Wings building daytime rendering

The Wings Towers, Lagos

Situated in the top-ranked business district of Lagos, Victoria Island, the “WINGS” occupants automatically enjoy a number of things that include economic dynamism, prestige, quality of space, security and close proximity to amenities and recreational spots (see Victoria Island the preferred business district of Lagos).


Victoria Island, Lagos

The Wings towers is elegantly designed to enhance the use of space in an innovative way, to give occupants and their clients an optimal day to day functionality, whilst tastefully retaining attention to detail, comfort and services.

The Wings building in itself, offers a variety of services that creates the lifestyle of a modern work environments. Such services include:

  • Porte Cochere

Occupants and their clients will be provided with exclusive entry and exit routes, making access into the building convenient and elegant.


The Wings Towers, Lagos

The entrance lobby will be accessed off the Porte Cochere, providing an area for the occupants and clients to alight from their vehicle and easily enter the building. This makes the Porte Cochere not only visually pleasing, but also functional.

  • Banking Hall

In addition to being located in close proximity to a variety of banks, the Wings towers have a banking branch that would serve both occupants and clients. This makes it so much easier to carry out bank transactions without leaving the building premises.

The Wings Towers, Lagos

  • Restaurant

The Wings building offers a fine dining venue to ensure that both the occupants and clients are well catered for as they go about their daily engagements.


The Wings Towers, Lagos

The restaurant overlooks Five Cowrie Creek; with on grade access to a landscaped deck, creating a soothing surrounding that enhances the high profile waterfront setting.

  • Jetty

One of the few challenges of living in a densely populated metropolis such as Lagos is the terrible and seemingly unavoidable traffic situations. This can pose a problem for businesses as time is money.

The Wings building is one of the very few prime offices with waterway access, via its private jetty on the Five Cowrie Creek. This feature offers occupiers much greater commuting flexibility, providing them the option of arriving the building by boat.

  • Function Deck

For social events and corporate gatherings, occupants of both towers will be able to benefit from a landscaped function deck, positioned between the two towers.


The Wings Towers, Lagos

The wooden-decked platform will be accessed directly from the first floor, providing elevated views of the creek as well as the city.

  • Art

Studies have shown that a workplace environment, which has been enriched with art and other visual improvements, can help to elevate the productivity, mood and wellbeing of its occupiers.


Photo credit: Google

This is why the Wings towers are also designed to foster international and indigenous art and culture. It is for this purpose that the developers of the Wings towers have commissioned Peju Alatise, a renowned Nigerian Artist, to provide art for the building.

peju art

Peju Alatise art

The acclaimed artist and architect, whose works have featured in art exhibitions across the world, will create a series of inspiring pieces that will be displayed both within and around the building, thereby creating an aesthetically and consciously stimulating experience for esteemed tenants and their guests.

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