Real Estate Unite 2016 in pictures | Day 1

Images from the just concluded Largest real estate event in africa – Real Estate Unite 2016.
Enjoy the views

img_6987 img_7777     img_7658 img_7668 img_7651 img_7631 img_7614 img_7586 img_7563 img_7522 img_7505 img_7503 img_7497 img_7488 img_7483 img_7478 img_7475 img_7473 img_7470 img_7469 img_7466 img_7454 img_7446 img_7445 img_7440 img_7420 img_7412 img_7396 img_7393 img_7391 img_7377 img_7372 img_7363 img_7343 img_7321 img_7267 img_7215 img_7214 img_7211 img_7210 img_7204 img_7184 img_7181 img_7180 img_7179 img_7173 img_7164 img_7163 img_7152 img_7149 img_7144 img_7115 img_7110 img_7099 img_7088 img_7085 img_7084 img_7077 img_7068 img_7062 img_7061 img_7060 img_7055 img_7049 img_7037 img_7029 img_7024 img_7019 img_7016 img_7013 img_7009 img_7001 img_6998 img_7008 img_6995 img_7004 img_7567img_7087

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