Real Estate Unite 2016 in pictures | Day 2

Images from the just concluded Largest real estate event in africa – Real Estate Unite 2016.
Enjoy the views

img_8741  img_8723 img_8703 Richard Nyong, Ruth Obi & Ekhaguere Esosa at Real Estate Unite  img_8637 img_8561 img_8541 img_8532 img_8512 img_8494 img_8450 img_8419 img_8401 img_8397 img_8393 img_8374 img_8309 img_8305 img_8223 img_8200 img_8159 img_8102 img_8049 img_8042 img_8036 img_8032 img_8030 img_8028 img_8025 img_8020 img_8007 img_8005 img_8000 img_7992 img_7970 img_7960 img_7793 img_0788  img_7960  img_7880 img_7844 img_7835 img_7832 img_7793 img_7791 img_1147 img_0798 img_0788 img_0672 img_0664 img_0655  img_0599 img_0596 img_0593 img_0578 img_0487 img_0125 img_0115 img_7985

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