Work Tonic; Boosting Productivity with Ease

This article aims to correct certain narratives about work as well as the misconception about “Hard” work or working hard. Let’s go through the definition of the major words captured in the topic; Work, Tonic, Productivity and Ease.

Work in the broadest of definition is any activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a desired result.

Tonic can be said to be anything that enlivens or strengthens. Therefore, if substances that restore and strengthen the nervous system are called nerve tonics, it is therefore safe to say that activity (ies) which enlivens, boost or strengthens work and productivity is called “Work Tonic”.

Productivity is the efficient use of resources, labour, capital, land, materials, energy, information, in the production of various goods and services.

Ease in simple definition is described as comfort, relaxation and freedom from pain, stress or anxiety.

Activating Work Tonic

Activating work tonic to boost productivity at work is not difficult, it however requires conscious adherence to the following prescription. The prescription will be administered in dosage:

Dosage 1: Set SMART goals; smart in this context is used as an acronym to mean S; specific, M; measurable, A; achievable, R; realistic, T; time bound.

A popular saying that “if you don’t know where you’re going, anywhere would seem like it” becomes the other of the day for a worker who hasn’t set SMART goals. Have a plan of the task you want to complete for each day, week, month and even year and ensure they are specific, measurable, achievable and not ambiguous, realistic and timed


Dosage 2: Effectively manage your time;


which is simply planning and exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities to increase effectiveness, efficiency and/or productivity. Prioritize your work, and by noting which task is to be completed at what deadline. When deciding which tasks require your immediate attention, focus on the consequences of not completing the task. Which task will have the most detrimental effects if not completed?

Dosage 3: Delegate task; No matter how intelligent, hardworking or versatile you are, you cannot do everything. The above statement does not attempt to belittle your dexterity or skill at work, but rather point you towards how you can achieve more by engaging more hands to help with logistics, office support, supervision etc.

Quite multi-tasking! Train individuals and trust them to handle the task that has been committed to them. This will open your schedule more to focus on other major issues at work

Dosage 4: Have a little fun; fun in this context does not necessarily mean ‘playtime’. Survey and report has proven that happy people are more productive. It is therefore important to have engaging activities that promotes social interactions at the work place because fun environment can help to keep stress levels down while it also helps to increase productivity.

Fun is relative; hence it could be taking few minutes to chat with other employees, taking a stroll around the office, relaxing in the lounge area etc.

Activating Work Tonic via Coworking

Patronizing a workspace or timeshare facility allows you activate all work tonic dosage even without taking conscious steps to do so.

Coworking is a platform that allows you to work independently together also promotes the principles of work tonic for maximum productivity through;

  • Networking: By networking with those in your coworking space, you can easily outsource certain parts of projects/task that need someone with a different expertise than yourself. This encourages specialization and increases overall productivity.
  • Effective Collaboration: In a coworking space, opportunities abound for close contact with other creative and innovative entrepreneurs, big & small businesses, or startups and freelancers. Collaborating in a coworking environment gives room to access advice and empowerment, brainstorm and gather new perspectives that will ultimately culminate into productivity.
  • Flexible work environment: The cowork environment is structured to be flexible with ample space and integrates fun activities to relax the mind. Most cowork facilities have a functional gym, café, gaming lounge, indoor sport areas among others all channeled towards encouraging and promoting fun even at work.

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