8 things you can do to prepare and Minimize flood damage

There are a number of things you can do to prepare for a flood and minimize damage.

  1. Structures should not be built in a flood plain.
  2. Keep your furnace, water heater, and electric panel elevated, especially if you live in an area where flooding is likely.
  3. Put together an emergency kit and make plans with your family — something that is ideal for any emergency situation, not just flooding.
  4. If you find yourself under a flood warning, make sure to pay attention to radio or television warnings.
  5. If you have time prior to an evacuation, turn off utilities at the main switches and disconnect electrical appliances.
  6. Move furniture and important items to higher levels in your house and bring in any outdoor furniture.
  7. Avoid contact with flood water. It may contain oil, gasoline, raw sewage, or any number of undesirable materials.
  8. Wash your hands thoroughly with clean water before eating, and do not drink from contaminated sources.
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