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We have helped revolutionise the real estate industry in sub-Saharan Africa

Between 2009 and 2012, the sub – Saharan Africa real estate market became extremely low on consumer trust, lacking the vital data needed to make informed investment decisions. 3Invest took cognisance of this gap and created a real estate advocacy centre with the aim to fill the gap, empower consumers, remold perception, encourage excellence and globalise local businesses.

3INVEST is real estate Company that helps organisations and individuals live well, work right and invest wisely.

Our Services

We consistently try to provide best practice by applying intelligence, innovation and ideas to help clients make informed real estate decisions.

Real Estate News Update

Real Estate Advocacy

Our advocacy unit serves as a valuable resource for real estate stakeholders to obtain comprehensive industry-focused data; as well as to connect with other professionals in educational networking events.

Our advocacy goal is to educate, redefine and promote the Sub-Sahara African Real Estate industry exposing its huge potentials for inclusive growth. Through market intelligence, we have identified solutions to real estate challenges by developing revolutionary platforms to expose the untapped potentials in SSA real estate industry:

Developer Management Service

This unique service was designed to fill the gap property developers experience in the cause of developing strategies to sell or lease a property.

Real Estate Media Management

Real Estate Media Management

Real Estate Media Management is a combined service provided by leveraging on 3invest’s resources for brand optimization, product promotion and digital marketing for brands looking to be active in the real estate space. RMM service is filling the gap of low transparency and poor perception of established and upcoming real estate brands by advocating for brand development in the built sector.


Content Development Management

Our content methodology will help establish specific, well-defined objectives and plan for content marketing. Developed through research and market intelligence, we embrace a culture of constantly learning, research, engaging and iterating through each round of publishing.

Post Development Management

At the end of every construction, developers would quickly move on to the next project without taking the time to nurture or manage the existing homeowners. PDM is that service that squeezes the juice out of the lemon and turns them into lemonades.

Workspace Provider

With deep market knowledge, operational excellence, exceptional hospitality and strong customer relationship, 3INVEST is building a new generational workforce community by providing the right properties and facilities to attract its tenants and the right services to retain them and help them grow.

Lagos CoWork is an on-demand workspace provider for startups and growing businesses. Our aim is to create a community where people co-work and invest in timeshare investment opportunities.

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