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Effects of Flood on Nigerian Environment and Property Sector

If proper checks and balances are not kept in place, the rapid climate changes currently aggravating will cause indelible effects on the environment and the property sector. Climate is basically defined as the weather conditions prevailing in an area over a long period. The effect of global warming (gradual increase in the earth’s surface temperature) […]

REAL ESTATE NEWS UPDATE| September 12th 2017 #3inews

Imposing Monthly rent payment will not work – Expert gives reasons. The National Council on Lands, Housing and Urban Development (NCLHUD) in its bid to alleviate the rental challenges of the citizenry is making attempts to impose monthly rent payment for Nigerians. Industry experts have rather urged the governments to tackle the inherent problems inhibiting […]

Greenviews Residential, Accra; Interview with Xavi Perez

Greenviews residential project, an exquisite community of luxury apartments situated in the heart of the Airport Residential area, Accra, Ghana introduced to the Nigerian market by 3Invest, is a project that guarantees high returns on investment. As a firm that is poised to provide our clients and prospects with intelligent information that would guide and positively […]

REAL ESTATE NEWS UPDATE| September 5th 2017 #3inews

The State Government of Osun to build 5,000 housing units In a bid to contribute to President Buhari’s effort in tackling the housing deficit in the country, the State Government of Osun in partnership with the African Nations Development Programme has concluded arrangements to build 5,000 housing units of two-bedroomed bungalows in five major towns within the state. […]

Affordable Housing in Nigeria; Role of the Private Sector

Finding a lasting solution to the challenges of affordable Housing has remained elusive to an average Nigerian, despite the numerous programs put in action by the various government of the country. Housing being one of the basic necessities of man alongside food and clothing remains a critical issue in the socio-economic well-being of any country. […]

Work Tonic; Boosting Productivity with Ease

This article aims to correct certain narratives about work as well as the misconception about “Hard” work or working hard. Let’s go through the definition of the major words captured in the topic; Work, Tonic, Productivity and Ease. Work in the broadest of definition is any activity involving mental or physical effort done in order […]

REAL ESTATE NEWS UPDATE| August 28th 2017 #3inews

FGN with Renewed Drive to Boost the Housing and Urban Development Sector The Federal Government of Nigeria as again assured Nigerians of its drive to revitalize the land, housing and urban development sector for socio-economic development. This was made known at the 6th meeting of the National Council on Lands, Housing and Urban Development that […]

Policies & Legislation that will Promote Real Estate Investments in SSA

Political crises, instability in government policies and staggering legislations are a common constraint that has directly or indirectly impacted on the level of foreign investment into developing countries in Africa. Real estate investors have maintained a bit of caution with respect to investing within the sub-Saharan region, and this is quite understandable to a certain […]