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Impact of Free Trade Zones on Nigeria’s Property Sector

A Free Zone is a specially designated region, clearly demarcated and administratively considered to be outside the Customs Territory of the host country, having special regulatory and fiscal incentive regimes to enhance its competitiveness. The concept of free trade zone is an economic development model that employs generous incentives – such as free land contributions, […]

REAL ESTATE NEWS UPDATE| August 21st 2017 #3inews

Building Professionals Charged to Integrate Innovative Technology in Construction At the annual Builders Conference which was the 47th in the series, professionals in the field were admonished to seek improved methods of delivering quality buildings and affordable housing through a mixture of innovative building materials and construction technology. This year’s general Meeting of Nigerian Institute […]

Latest Coworking Trends; The Need for Africa’s Service Providers to Unite

The concept of Coworking is a revolutionary trend that is transforming the real estate sector. Coworking is a style of work that involves a shared working environment, often an office. But unlike in a typical office environment, cowork users are usually not employed by the same organization; hence the main idea is that individual workers come together in a shared place […]

REAL ESTATE NEWS UPDATE| August 14th 2017 #3inews

Kingsway Tower Ikoyi Will be ready in 2018 – Developer The Kingsway Tower project is moving rapidly, as the contractors finalize plans for completing the glass cladding and other top quality finishing that establishes the commercial facility in ‘Grade A’ category. According to the developer, the iconic 15-floor Kingsway Tower in Ikoyi, Lagos will be delivered […]

Explore the Opportunities in Africa’s Real Estate Market

Africa is the world’s second-largest and second-most populous continent with 30.2 million km2 or 20.4% of the total global land area. And with the massive construction activities in most African cities and urban areas emerging and growing rapidly, the Real estate sector is fast becoming a thriving industry in most African states. A growing population, […]

Building Africa; Drivers for Real Estate Growth

In the coming years, the growth in the real estate industry will largely be driven by developments resulting from expansive economic and social changes. Traditionally, Africa’s real estate markets have lagged behind the developed and many developing economies. As reported by PwC, study predicts that the global stock of investable real estate will expand by more […]

BUYING vs RENTING; The Conflict of Choices

There are advantages and disadvantages to renting a property, just as there to buying (own) a home. The answer to whether buying or renting is better largely depends on the individuals personal profile (level, financial situation or economic status) and preference. In Africa, the lifetime goal of most of her citizens is home ownership. A […]

GREEN VIEWS RESIDENTIAL an exquisite community of luxury apartments in Accra

Green Views residential is an exquisite community of luxury apartments situated in the heart of the Airport Residential area, Accra, Ghana. This real estate property developed by Akosua Investments Limited, Accra, Ghana, is composed of 8 one-bedroom apartments, 8 two-bedroom apartments, 8 units of 3-bed rooms apartments and 4 duplexes (four-bedroom apartments). These rooms also […]

Technological Advancement; Impact on Africa’s Real Estate Sector

In recent times technology has affected the way businesses are run, especially with the ever increasing numbers of innovations that has affected communication, marketing, business transactions, transportation etc. Advancement in technology continues to be a catalyst for change in all areas of business and industry, and the real estate market is no exception. In the […]

Myths about Africa’s Real Estate Sector (Prt1)

Myths about Africa’s Real Estate (Prt1) A myth can be defined as “any invented story, idea, or concept” or a widely held but false belief or idea. The real estate sector also has its fair share of myths which has transcended and evolved with time. This article will present some of these myths and at the same time […]